Myths About Manual Worker Staffing Agencies Like Silverback Elektriker You Should Know About

When you are need more manual workers for your construction or work site, it can be time-consuming and distracting to have multiple interviews and investigate backgrounds while trying to also focus on your other business activities. That’s why it can be a relief to hire a company like Silverback Elektriker.

Companies like assemble all the manual workers you need. However, if you have never hired a company like this before, you might not know what to expect. There may be some misconceptions that you’ve heard or read about that could be affecting your decision to work with staffing companies. Here are some of the myths that need correcting.

They are Too Expensive

The first myth that you might worry about is that your business simply can’t afford to get involved with a staffing company. After all, you might have your own workers on the payroll and you don’t think you can spare the extra money to find more workers.

However, different staffing companies like Silverback Elektriker have different price structures to make them more affordable to every kind of financial situation.

Not only that, but consider how much time and money a staffing company will save you. You are unlikely to be eligible to pay their insurance costs and other fees that you need to cover for your employees.You don’t have to spent many hours to find suitable workers, and therefore you can work on other matters.

They Don’t Have the Type of Workers You Need

Another misconception that seems to keep popping up is that staffing companies don’t have the type of workers that your particular business needs. In fact, you may have been putting off meetings with staffing companies because you don’t think that you will be able to find what you’re looking for by pairing up with a company.

That’s why it’s important to ask staffing companies what kind of workers they use. Can they provide you with electricians and masonry experts? Can they provide you with crane operators or those well-experienced in constructing homes? Do they only use those with certain credentials?

These questions will give you a clearer idea of whether you may be able to work with a particular staffing company on a regular basis.

With the details laid out here, you can feel more confident that you know more about the truth of what it is like to work with a staffing company as a business owner who needs manual workers.

Recent Events At The QubeGB Telecom Firm

Although this company just started back in 2007, with a total of three employees, it has actually doubled its workforce in the last three years alone, employing well over 500 people. This is a Galashields-based company, one that focuses on telecom services, IT services and communication. It provides services for retail markets, regular customers and businesses, and is now receiving seven figure invoices from large companies that they work with including Clydesdale Bank. There is an overview of recent events that are associated with this company to show you why QubeGB is such a fantastic business.

Recent Events

This company is a part of QGB Holdings Ltd, something that started just a few years ago. Back in 2014, all the way up to January of 2015, it had 333 employees. It has actually been able to expand due to a million-dollar invoice finance facility working with this business to help it grow. It has seen an over 50% increase in turnover, and due to increased demand for the services that they provide, the group operations have brought in millions of dollars. In fact, group finance manager Cameron Smith recently stated that it is in the last few years that the company has expanded so much due to the popularity of the business. They have more engineers than ever before, and they also have business support employees that are in charge of their call center, their fleet, and also the warehousing and technology divisions.

Why You Should Consider Working With QubeGB

This is a company that can help generally anyone that is in Scotland, but they also do serve United Kingdom. They were founded within Scottish Borders, but have expanded nationwide, and are now servicing almost 100 percent of the United Kingdom. Their vision had always been to provide the best possible service in the fields of managed services and engineering. They have expanded this into telecoms, and also ISP industries, creating one of the most valuable companies in the UK today.

Once you have seen the type of services that they provide, and have read the many reports in the news, you will see that this is the telecom company that you will want to work with for all of the different services that they provide. They offer broadband, fiber optics, EFM, SFI, Cisco, and even have smart meter and Healthcare Services. It is a well-rounded company that also offers managed services for businesses that need installation, support and service for manage devices. You can connect with QubeGB at either or .