Why stop at just roof cleaning with Easy Coat Ltd?

Why stop at just roof cleaning when you can get coating applied at the same time? The wet and humid UK climate provides the optimum growing conditions for moss, algae and lichen. If it goes unchecked, roof moss and other biological growth can lead to early roof failure. This is because moss retains water on your roof, affecting the tiles and timbers. Moss also holds a lot of water which may add undue strain and weight to the roof. Hiring a contractor to clean your roof is a great way to maintain your roof. But why stop there? Why not take a step further and have a coating applied to make your roof look great and stop moss taking root again?

The moss cleaning process
Moss cleaning is a physical process which involves either scrapping it off by hand or using a pressure washer. Hand removal is time consuming but ensures no loose tiles are accidentally removed. However, using both methods, manual and power washing ensures the best results.

An anti-fungicidal agent can then be applied to kill off any surviving spores and prevent moss from growing again. The results, an amazing looking roof free from moss and lichen.

Get even better results with roof coating
Roof coating will give you more than a great looking roof. Specialist roof coating solutions are specially designed to:
• Extend the life of your roof tiles.
• Restores the original surface protection of concrete roof tiles.
• Offers great savings compared to roof replacement.
• Be waterproof and repel water off your roof.
• Have self-cleaning properties.
Getting a tile roof coating solution applied to your roof offers more benefits than a moss cleaning job. Easy Coat Ltd are one of the leading contractors offering tile roof coating services. Due to the number of companies working in this space, http://easycoatlimited.com/ offer an extended, independent and insurance backed guarantee for your peace of mind.

Easy Coat Ltd – The Best Choice For Masonry And Brick Protection Services

http://easycoatltd.com provides the best in brick and mortar protection. One of the benefits of living in England is the mild weather, however, when Mother Nature decides to send a bit more cold and damp than we’d like, it is good to know your home is protected. Our experts are skilled in the application of SecoTherm, a sealant and water-repellant protective cream for masonry. This product dries clear providing an invisible protective shield to your brickwork keeping it safe from the damp.

UV damage and water are two of the prime reasons masonry surfaces suffer damages. SecoTherm by http://easycoatltd.org.uk/ will create a barrier against water and is resistant to damage from UV rays.

There are many benefits to applying secoTherm to your masonry, but the primary one is that it keeps your home safe from mold and mildew, while reducing heat loss. When applied to porous brick, secoThem will reduce water absorption by almost 95 percent and will increase the thermal resistance. Also, when water cannot get through the masonry, it requires less energy to heat the house, resulting in significant energy savings. It is true that porous brickwork and masonry help to reduce energy consumption because of the air-filled pockets within the materials, but this only works if the masonry or brickwork remains dry.

SecoTherm is tested and proven to provide enhanced thermal properties which help in reducing energy consumption. Applying this coating to your brick or masonry will also provide a surface which is easy to keep clean and which will help to protect against pollution, dirt, UV light degradation and damage from the damp. Another advantage of applying SecoTherm is that it helps prevent frost damage since it keeps out the damp. SecoTherm has a 20-year guarantee as long as it is applied by an approved applicator such as https://companycheck.co.uk/company/09058889/EASY-COAT-LIMITED/companies-house-data .